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Stainless Steel's Sustainable Advantage in the CPI

Sustainability and global warming have become increasingly important in our daily life, economy and industry. Thus, it is a subject of strong interest in the steel market concerning carbon steel and stainless steel industries. The carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint is becoming a more important factor in competition. When talking about the CO2 impact of steel products, it is of utmost importance to consider the full picture of the total CO2 footprint. There are significant regional differences when sourcing energy, electricity and virgin alloying elements. This webinar will discuss the product-specific CO2 footprint of our stainless steel products. Furthermore, a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study highlighting the total CO2 footprint of using high-strength duplex stainless steel or coated carbon steel in a CPI-related application will be presented.

Speaker/Presenter: Dr. Barbara Mundt & Claes Tigerstrand, Outokumpu
Item #: 502121422_MTI_WEBINAR

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